Wall Art Displays
This lighter is exclusively decorated for Wall Art Displays.
They are making all kinds of displays for lighters and other collectibles.
The design is manually etched and hand painted.

Steel Valley Artifacts 2
Here we have two more lighters decorated for Steel Valley Artifacts - Youngstown, OH.
Both are 2-sided manually etched and hand painted.

Semi-custom 1966 River Patrol
This lighter was repainted to original color scheme.
The inscription on the lid was etched and hand painted.

Custom painted 1985 Space Shuttle
A customer asked for custom paintwork on this DFRF California.
The idea was to achieve heat effect during the re-enter.

Custom painted 1972 Smiley
Custom paintwork request on another classic.
Actually it was repainted to another genuine artwork color.

Steel Valley Artifacts
These 3 lighters are decorated for Steel Valley Artifacts - Youngstown, OH.
It is a great Facebook page about preserving history and various collectibles.
Last 2 photos show front and back side of same lighter.
All 3 designs are etched and hand painted.

Custom painted 1968 Ford Truck Zippo
Once again a customer requested custom paintwork.
This time it was Ford truck from 1968.

Steady Bros s.l.
This lighter is done with pleasure for Steady Bros s.l.
It is etched and hand painted in Old School manner.

Lupica's Tree Service
Old School way etched and hand painted.
This lighter is done for Lupica's Tree Service.

Jessy Johnsen Band
Official Jessy Johnsen Band logo on HPC Zippo.
It is etched and hand painted for the band member.

Custom Songkran Festival
Custom design on 2017 High Polish Chrome Zippo.
As always the design is etched and hand painted.

Custom Skier
Another custom Etch&Paint design.
It is done on 2001 Zippo.

Custom Steamboat Willie repaint
This is one of the most interesting custom paintworks done so far.
A customer requested this 1975 Mickey Mouse to be painted in black&white.

Custom signature engraving
A customer ordered his signature to be engraved on 1935 Zippo Replica.
After the engraving the signature has been painted in black.

Custom "Etch&Paint" VIN and "Sportster" logo
Here a customer requested his "Sportster" Vehicle Identification Number and logo. 
As always it is done the Old School "Etch&Paint" way.

Custom "Etch&Paint" inscription on 1989 Zippo
Customizing Zippo lighters is always fun and interesting.
This inscription was done in the Old School "Etch&Paint" technique.

Metallique Coca-Cola 1940 Zippo
Here we have a extremely rare vintage Coca-Cola Metallique Zippo.
It was needed to re-attach the metallique and repaint it in original colors.

Custom Painted 1972 Truck Zippo
A collector from Australia asked for a custom repaint on this 1972 Zippo.
His wish was to have the truck cabin in "Green & Gold" Australian national colors.

World Down Syndrome Day 2017
This unique Zippo set has been donated by Claudio Mazzi, David Yellowhorse and Lighter Restoration™.
The designs are representing inclusion, acceptance and awareness for people with Down Syndrome and their families.
All the proceeds went to Officer Specialist School in Australia.

1935 Zippo Hinge
I do not do this kind of work (usually) but was curios about how it would come out.
There was this piece in the package with a lot of history on it and a 1935 Replica.
The request was to use its hinge for the sake of this well used beauty.
I did "age" it a bit so it fits in more nicely.

LR™ Time Lapse
 Time Lapse with the 1958 Wright's Silver Cream Zippo.

LR™ Zippohenge
Inspired by famous Stonehenge.

 DIY Zippo Stand
Would you like a cheap, discreet and easy to make Zippo stand?
All you need is a paperclip (a big one) and a piece of heat-shrink tube used in electronics (about 5 mm per stand).

Bend the paperclip like shown on the photo, place the heat-shrink tube piece on the end and heat it just a little bit so it does not slide.
It took me about 30 seconds to make this one.
The purpose of the tube is to protect the Zippo finish.
And that's it - easy as it sounds!


This prototype Zippo windproof lighter was specialy designed for

Robert F. Gardiner

as a sign of appreciation for all the efforts made in helping with the Lighter Restoration™ Zippo collectible series.


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