Over the years Lighter Restoration™ popularity among top Zippo collectors needled the authentically designed Special Limited LR™ Zippo Editions.
That way the Lighter Restoration™ became worldwide famous not only for its restorations but for some interesting Old School Zippo designs as well.
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Lighter Restoration™ Halloween 2017 1 of 1
This unique piece was done using the genuine Old School technique.
It is etched and hand painted just like they used to be made during the second half of the 20th century.
The back side is numbered "1 of 1" showing the LR™ logo as well as the design title.
It comes with matching Certificate of Authenticity manually signed by the designer.
It is the first LR™ design completely applied by Lighter Restoration™.


3rd Special Limited Edition Lighter Restoration™ Zippo
The 3rd LR™ Special Limited Zippo Edition saw the daylight in June 2016.
Once again the inspiration was the art of restoring vintage cigarette lighters.
"Etch & Paint" on High Polish Chrome gave the Zippo lighter that desirable and recognizable LR™ Old School look.
Just as the first two LR™ editions it was produced in a batch of 30 consecutively numbered pieces with matching Certificate of Authenticity manually signed by the designer.
It is the last LR™ Special Limited Edition to be completely made by Zippo MFG in Bradford, USA.


2nd Special Limited Edition Lighter Restoration™ Zippo
After a big demand for 1st LR™ Zippo edition it was a great pleasure to work on the next one.
The design on the 2nd Special Limited Edition Lighter Restoration™ Zippo was inspired by what Lighter Restoration™ mostly does: repainting vintage Zippo lighters.

The goal was to create Old School Zippo look which was successfully accomplished with "Line Drawn" "Etch & Paint" on Brushed Chrome finish.
This consecutively numbered 30 pieces Zippo lighter edition also comes with manually signed by the designer matching Certificate of Authenticity.
Completely fabricated by Zippo MFG in Bradford, USA, the 2nd Special Limited Edition Lighter Restoration™ collectible Zippo was brought to public in May 2015.


1st Special Limited Edition Lighter Restoration™ Zippo
This Special Limited Edition Lighter Restoration™ collectible Zippo was fabricated in 2014 by Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford, USA.
It is a result of huge interest in Lighter Restoration™ by collectors from all over the World.

Consecutively numbered with matching manually signed Certificate of Authenticity and in "Etch & Paint" technique on High Polish Chrome it radiates the soul of the Old School Zippo cigarette lighters.
Limited to 30 pieces its non-commercial nature makes it highly collectible and very sought-after.
Supported by top collectors this lighter walked into the Zippo collecting community with steady pace and proudly adorns some of the greatest Zippo collections all over the globe.


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